Lacuna Report - Yesh-Din 07/2013The family of nations considers war crimes to be among the worst crimes, and it includes them in the group of “international crimes” – offenses that violate the common values of the entire international community, to which all countries and all people are committed: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and others. This report outlines the need for Israeli legislation on that subject. The report reviews the existing provisions of Israeli law, presents international models of legal systems that criminalize war crimes, and examines the Israeli military prosecution’s policy and the sentences levied by the courts-martial...: עברית, العربية English


Volunteers for "No Legal Frontiers" observed the trials of Palestinian minors in the military juvenile court in Ofer Camp between April 2010 and March 2011. During the observation the organization's volunteers monitored the trials of hundreds of minors, but chose to collect systematic and organized information after every stage of the trial in the cases of 71 minor defendants.

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No Legal Frontiers is an Israeli organisation founded in November, 2009. Our aspiration is for more than a semblance of justice, for a legal system without discrimination in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). We strive for legislative change relating to the population of the OPT, and act to enhance awareness of the discrimination existing in the judicial systems that try the Palestinian population, among Israeli policy makers, the general public and the legal profession. We particularly seek to draw attention to the discrimination in the newly set up juvenile military courts (October 2009).

No Legal Frontiers grew out of the realisation that integrating legal work with public advocacy was both possible and essential. NLF aims to expose the situation in the OPT through activism and advocacy. The military law as practiced in the West Bank applies solely to Palestinians. Citizens of Israel resident in the OPT (the “settlers”) are subject to the law as practiced within Israel.

Our web site in Arabic, English and Hebrew presents the military law in the west bank, updates continuing changes in the military laws and makes them easily accessed. Having Palestinian, Israeli or international lawyers able to retrieve military orders in three languages in real time on a web site benefits both the individual clients and the overall system of “justice.”

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