Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Testimony) No. 33 1927 (sections 1-3) Print E-mail

An ordinance providing instructions regarding preliminary examination of witnesses, identification of prisoners, and receipt of certificates of chemical tests as evidence with regard to administration of justice in criminal trials.

Brief name

1. This ordinance will be called Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Testimony).

Part A: Preliminary Examination of Witnesses

Examination of witnesses by a police officer

2. (1) A police officer of the rank of superintendent or above, or any other officer or type of officers authorized in writing, generally or for specific cases, by the Minister of Justice, to conduct examinations regarding the commission of crimes, may orally examine any person who is presumably familiar with the facts or circumstances of any crime, which that police officer is examining, and he may transcribe any statement which the examined person gives.

(2) A person so examined must answer truthfully the questions asked by the officer in the examination, except for questions whose answers may place him in danger of criminal liability.

A witness' statement will be transcribed in writing

3. (1) Once such a statement is written, it will be read before the examined person, who will be requested to sign it, and if he does not know how to read or write, he will be requested to imprint his mark on it.

(2) If he refuses to sign the statement or imprint his mark on it, the police officer will write a comment on the margin of he written statement that the person giving the statement refused to sign it or imprint his mark on it and the reason for his refusal, if he explained it.

(3) Afterwards the police officer will sign the written statement; and in every proceeding conducted against the person giving the statement, based on his not having answered truthfully every question presented to him, the written statement will be proof of the statements he gave, unless it is proved that he did not give each and every one of the statements.

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