Proclamation No. 2 Proclamation Regarding Regulation of Administration and Law Print E-mail

Israel Defense Forces

In order to enable the existence of sound government, security and public order, I hereby declare the following:


1. "The region" – means the West Bank region.

Validity of the existing law

2. The law that existed in the region on June 7, 1967 will remain in effect, to the extent that it contains no contradiction to this proclamation or to any proclamation or order issued by me, and with the revisions ensuing from the establishment of the Israel Defense Force's regime in the region.

Assumption of authorities

3. (A) All authority of government, legislation, appointment and administration pertaining to the region or its residents will now be exclusively in my hands and will be exercised only by me or by any person appointed therefore by me or acting on my behalf.

(B) Without detracting from the generality of the aforementioned, it is hereby determined that any obligation to consult, receive authorization, etc. that is stipulated in any law as a prerequisite for legislation or appointment, or as a condition for granting validity to legislation or to an appointment – is hereby void.

Directives regarding property

4. Movable and unmovable property, including money, bank accounts, weapons, ammunition, vehicles, other means of transportation, and any other military or civilian equipment that belonged to, or was registered in the name of the Hashemite Jordanian state or government, or any unit or branch thereof, or part of any of these, which are situated in the region – will be transferred to my exclusive custody and will be subjected to my administration.


5. Taxes, levies, fees, and payments of any kind that are paid to the institutions of a central government and were not paid by June 6, 1967 – will be paid to me.

Publishing legislation

6. A proclamation, order or notice on my behalf will be published in any way I deem appropriate.  


7. Anyone who violates or attempts to disturb public order or security or any of the directives of this proclamation or any order, instruction or notice issued by me or on my behalf will be punished to the full extent of the law.


8. This proclamation comes into effect as of June 7, 1967.

The Name

9. This proclamation will be called the "Proclamation Regarding Regulation of Administration and Law (The West Bank Region) (No. 2), 1967."


Jerusalem, June 7, 1967

Chaim Herzog, Major General

Commander of IDF Forces in the West Bank Region


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