Order No. 101 Order Regarding the Prohibition of Acts of Incitement and Hostile Propaganda Print E-mail

Whereas I believe it necessary for the region's security, public order and sound governance, I hereby order:



1. "The Region" – the West Bank

"Assembly" – ten or more persons gathering for the purpose of a speech or discussion on a political topic or a topic that may be interpreted as political;

"Police Forces" – as defined in the Order Regarding Police Forces Operating in Collaboration with the IDF (West Bank Region) (No. 52), 1967;

Rally" – ten or more persons gathering for a political purpose or for a matter that could be interpreted as political;

"Print" and "Printing" – includes lithography, typewriting, mimeographs, photocopy, recording, film or any other means of describing or copying of words, text, signs, pictures, maps, drawings, decorations, films, voices, sounds or other such material.

Newspaper" – any publication that includes news items, accounts of events or remarks, discussions, reviews or explanations related to news, news items, accounts of events or any matter of public interest that is printed in any language and published within or outside of Israel, sold or distributed free-of-charge, at regular or erratic intervals.

"Publication" – any newspaper, periodical, collection or book, film, cassette, record or any document published or intended for publication, even on a one-time basis; any such document will be regarded as intended for publication, unless proven otherwise.    

"Published" – includes disseminating, dispersing, distributing, delivering, announcing, supplying or providing to any person in writing, orally, in print, audibly, via a screening or by any other means.

"Procession" – an group of ten or more persons advancing or intending to advance from place to place, for a political purpose or for a matter that could be interpreted as political, whether or not they are actually moving or have organized themselves as a group.

All terms defined in the Order Regarding Security Directives will maintain the meaning stipulated in said order, unless explicitly stated otherwise here.

Transfer of Authorities

2. A military commander is entitled to authorize any soldier or police officer to exercise his authorities under this order.

Organizing Assemblies, Processions and Rallies

3. A. No procession, gathering or rally may be held without a permit issued by a military commander.

B. The commander of IDF forces in the region is entitled to determine the conditions for submitting a request to receive a permit as stated in subsection (A) through an announcement to the public,.

Closing Places

4.  A military commander is entitled to order any owner of a cafe, club or other public gathering place to close the said establishment for a period of time as determined by the commander. In the case of such an order– any presence is regarded as a violation of the order.

Flying Flags 

5. No flags or political symbols may be held, flown, displayed or placed, except with permission from the military commander.

Political Material

6.No announcement, placards, pictures, booklets or other documenta containing material of political intent may be published in the region, without prior permission from the military commander of the intended place of the printing or publication.


7.Any person who

A. Orally or in any other way attempts to influence public opinion in the region in a way that is liable to disturb public peace or order, or

B. Carries out any action or possesses any object with the intention of executing or facilitating the execution of such an attempt, will be charged with violating this order.

Supporting a Hostile Organization

7A. A. Any person who

1. Publishes words of praise, empathy or support for a hostile organization, its actions or objectives; or

2. Carries out an action that expresses identification with a hostile organization, with its activity or with its objectives or expresses empathy for such an organization by flag waving, displaying a symbol or slogan or playing an anthem or slogan, or any similar action that clearly expresses such identification or empathy, and carrying out all such activities in a public place or in a way that people in the public realm are able to see or hear such expression of identification or empathy, will be charged with violating this order.

B. In this section - "Hostile organization" – as defined in the Order Regarding the Prohibition on Training and Contact with a Hostile Organization Outside of the Region (Judea and Samaria) (No. 284) 1968 or an illegal association as defined in Regulation 84 of the Defense (Emergency) Regulations, 1945.


8. A military commander or anyone appointed by [him] for this purpose will possess all authority assigned to a censor under the Defense (Emergency) Regulations, 1945.

Executive Authorities

9.Without diminishing the authorities of a soldier under the Order Regarding Security Directives – each soldier will have the authority to exercise the extent of force required to carry out a directive given under this order or to prevent the violation of this order.


10. A. Anyone who, without a permit, organizes a procession, meeting or rally, encourages, incites others to conduct such events or participates in such events; or

B. Anyone who violates the directives of this order or the directives issued under its authority or who carries out an action that is declared as an offense in this order, is subject to ten years imprisonment, a fine of 10,000 Israeli pounds or both.


11. This order will come into effect as of August 27, 1967.

The Name

12. This order will be entitled "The Order Regarding the Prohibition of Acts of Incitement and Hostile Propaganda (West Bank Region) (No. 101), 1967."


Major General Uzi Narkis                  August 27, 1967

GOC Central Command and

Commander of IDF Forces in the West Bank Region


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