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Lacuna - war crimes in Israeli Law and Court-Martial Rulings Print E-mail

Lacuna Report - Yesh-Din 07/2013The family of nations considers war crimes to be among the worst crimes, and it includes them in the group of “international crimes” – offenses that violate the common values of the entire international community, to which all countries and all people are committed: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and others. This report outlines the need for Israeli legislation on that subject. The report reviews the existing provisions of Israeli law, presents international models of legal systems that criminalize war crimes, and examines the Israeli military prosecution’s policy and the sentences levied by the courts-martial...: עברית, العربية English

All Guilty! Observations in the Military Juvenile Court 2010-11 Print E-mail

Volunteers for "No Legal Frontiers" observed the trials of Palestinian minors in the military juvenile court in Ofer Camp between April 2010 and March 2011. During the observation the organization's volunteers monitored the trials of hundreds of minors, but chose to collect systematic and organized information after every stage of the trial in the cases of 71 minor defendants.

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Stolen Children, Stolen Lives
Israeli arrests and abuses of Palestinian Children

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תיקון חקיקה במסגרתו הועלה גיל הקטינות לעניין בית המשפט לנוער באזור יהודה ושומרון לגיל 18

»» קיראו את הודעת דובר צה"ל

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How Israel takes its revenge on boys who throw stones

Catrina Stewart reveals the brutal interrogation...

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תובעים בחומר

ראיון עם רוברט נויפלד, פרקליט איו"ש (הממונה על התביעה הצבאית).

2011-04-04 Print E-mail

A 14.5-year-old minor was arrested at the entrance to the Cave of the Patriarchs for being in possession of a knife. The minor was sentenced to 36 days in prison, three months probation for 3 years and a fine of NIS 500. It turns out that having a knife is considered to be a "sport" among adolescents in the region. The punishment was imposed on the minor even though he had no intention to hurt or cause damage and had no prior offenses.

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Despite difficulties in actually proving the allegations, a minor was accused and convicted of throwing bottles containing colors and Molotov Cocktails at a moving car. In a plea bargain, the boy was sentenced to 14 months in prison, a 10- month suspended sentence and a fine of NIS 2000 or another two months in prison. The judge accepted the plea bargain, but emphasized that the difficulties  in the evidence related to the reliability of the investigators' conduct during the interrogations, which was found to be extremely troubling!

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A 14.5-year-old minor arrested for throwing stones and questioned all night without an attorney being present, in violation of the law, and despite the fact that the boy's attorney called early enough and requested to be present. Only one of the investigators was authorized to investigate minors. The minor's attorney is trying to obtain a small trial (trial-within-a trial) to cancel the boy's confession, which was obtained illegally.

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DCI Palestine reports the collection of information about 17 children arrested in Silwan neighborhood in East Jerusalem. DCI Palestine estimates that the real number of children arrested is much higher.


2010-11-14 Print E-mail

DCI Palestine reports that during October 2010 the total number of children arrested dropped by 5% (total number is 256) while the number of arrested young children aged 12-15 increased (34, 6% increase).



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